FAST4WARD is China's No.1 brand for high-level auto drag racing, founded in 2015. Dedicated to fostering and building China's local auto culture, FAST4WARD has established a diversified cultural platform that integrates racing, analytics and entertainment while providing event space for China’s numerous auto manufacturers and clubs. Within two years of launce, FAST4WARD has organized nearly 30 events in 7 provinces and cities in China, bringing a total of about one million onsite viewers and 100 million online viewers.

The company philosophy centers on "advocating auto racing of all people and eradicating illegal drag racing". FAST4WARD' has fostered the rapid development of China's auto culture among its fans. In 2017, FAST4WARD obtained official certification of Federation?of?Automobile and Motorcycle Sports?of China?(CAMF), and the exclusive authorization of China Drag Racing Championship (CDRC), hereby becoming the first civil racing event that has won official certification from the Chinese government. While being committed to the development of the industry, FAST4WARD has been actively performing its corporate social responsibilities by combining auto racing with public welfare events, which are well-received by the communities.
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