Hot & Hot
Incubated by the well-known restaurant brand "Spicy Temptation", "Hot & Hot" (aka Relashenghuo) is committed to providing the customers with the best solutions to the dining table food in a multitude of dining scenarios. Its main businesses include "Hot & Hot" physical stores and "Hot & Hot" online takeaway. Its major food categories include "Maxiao" white-gill crawfish, Grandma Liu's craft beer and various stewed marinated fresh food. By far, "Hot & Hot" has created the industry legend of "nearly one million sales at a 68-square-meter store" and its sales volume of crawfish ranks No. 1 among three major takeaway platforms.

During the decade since 2007, the company has been reinventing the business model of "Hot & Hot" and ultimately established a highly efficient production and sales integrated model. In 2012, Hot & Hot first introduced the idea of "Crawfish with white gills is a clean crawfish" and white gills have since become a judgment standard of the industry. Hot & Hot invented a sealed product testing technology, which ensures the first-class flavor presentation. Hot & Hot set up the standard of "freshness of the day", which means "delivery, sales and profit & loss report on the same day", in order to ensure that the customers can have the freshest, safest and most delicious food.

The company has been consistently emphasizing customer value, product quality, supply chain building, joint prosperity of the partners and up keeping the arduous physical & mental quality standards. Hot & Hot is award by Chinese Venture as "2016-2017 Top 10 Companies with Best Investment Value in China's Mega Consumption Industry".
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