Talking Data
Founded in 2011, TalkingData is China's largest independent third-party mobile data service platform. Its specialty is data deep plow and data value mining, ranging from data collection/processing, data analysis, data application to consulting. By 2017, TalkingData has developed a complete data application system with a smart data platform (SmartDP) as the focus. In addition, it has built a data ecosphere centering on platforms for data commercialization, data service and data cooperation.

Currently, the average monthly active users of TalkingData reach 650 million. The company provides services for 120,000 mobile applications and 100,000 application developers. Its customers are mainly leading enterprises in the sectors of finance, real estate, FMCG, retail, commuting and government. In the last three consecutive years, TalkingData has tripled its growth.

TalkingData’s vision is "data changes the decision-making process of the enterprises and data improves human interactions and the environment". The company’s mission is to "help the customers transform and upgrade into data-driven enterprises". The company is now a leading enterprise in the field of big data in China.

TalkingData actively promotes technological development of the industry and performs its corporate social responsibility. One of its most positive impacts is to introduce the globally well-known algorithm competition platform Kaggle into China, which has brought about strong waves of change in both China and the world. Also as a part of its CSR program, TalkingData organized a public awareness event “One Hour Programming” in 2016 at the primary schools across the country. It won "Responsible Brand of the Year Award" and "Public Welfare Project of the Year Award" at the 2016 Sixth China Public Welfare Festival.
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